How We Work

Details follow for:

Complimentary Consultation 
The Consultancy: Coaching and Care Management
Functional Assessment and Plan Only
Research & Referral
Medical Billing: Disputes & Appeals 

Complimentary Consultation

NAVIGATE NC offers a no-cost, no-obligation consultation by phone. We schedule and dedicate and appointment to speak with you regarding your concerns. During the consultation we will discuss your matter and you will learn how we’ve likely assisted of folks in similar circumstances. We’ll always build in time for Questions & Answers too. Complimentary Consultations are designed to be held with the person(s) who is the decision-maker, either the Client themselves or their Agent, (as designated by Power of Attorney or Guardianship, etc.). Call us at 919.628.4428  or complete the form on our CONNECT WITH US page to schedule your consultation.

The Consultancy (It’s like having an Advocate in your back pocket!)

This is an hourly and ongoing service model that has evolved from your requests! Families and loved ones have found that they simply wish to understand a situation and what their options may be so they can make good choices. The Consultancy is a comprehensive counseling and coaching service primarily delivered via phone or video conferencing and utilizing email and texting for information exchanges or quick Q&A.

We may assess and launch in the traditional manner of case management, and that may require In-person meetings to help us gather complete information. At launch, we will be helping to build a customized plan while providing you with that valuable “third party, objective” view. We’ll bring some order to tasks ahead and we will suggest Next Steps.  Even during times when things are changing rapidly, we have our eyes down the road on your behalf.  You will have the benefit of our experience, lay of the land and know-how, providing you with solid education and guidance as directly relates to your concerns.

  • Lifesaving for folks who find themselves thrown into an unfamiliar world of caregiving and new decisions.
  • Great as guidance for hands-on families, and also for those who may simply be “stuck”.
  • Helpful for families and loved ones who reside outside of the area and need to band together in the care of their special person.
  • Vital to the wage-earners and busy professionals whose work supports the cost of care. Remain focused on your work, be 100% there. Let us do the heavy lifting and be working in the background. We then bring the information to you for updates and decisions.
  • An integral service the members of the Sandwich Generation who are simultaneously caregiving for parents and children of their own.
  • Crucial for anyone who wants to know their options, rights and how get the care they deserve.

Functional Assessment & Plan (Only)

Usually involving three to four total hours, this service provides functional assessment and summary of status (medical, physical, psychological, cognitive, social, economic, familial or supportive, and environmental). The Functional Assessment results in a written preliminary plan and recommendations.  This service answers the questions “Where are we, exactly? What do we need to do? What’s first?” No services are expected beyond this option (although we’ll likely be ready and able to assist, and could welcome you into The Consultancy, above).

Research and Referral

“R&R” is a service that provides deeper research producing summary report. Examples of R&R may be research and comparisons on topics such as housing, products or equipment (medical, and for the home), or locating and vetting providers (legal, medical, financial, home health, senior movers, etc.), payor resources, clinical trials, medical tourism, and more). Let us know what you need.  R&R services are billed at an hourly rate. Written reports are furnished based upon research performed using the search parameters that you provide.

Medical Billing – Disputes & Appeals 

NAVIGATE the maze of medical billing errors and denied insurance claims. We take care of the paperwork, make the calls, and reach decision-makers to resolve your issues and concerns. Special pricing models apply and we will go over that in your Complimentary Consultation. When needed NAVIGATE NC partners with specialty Patient Advocates who concentrate their entire practices on providing these solutions.

We specialize in launching and initiating Long Term Care Insurance claims! 


“We will do as little or as much as you need (and not one bit more)” is a prevailing theme in the industry of Professional Patient Advocacy suggests we will only prescribe and provide services that meet your particular needs. The phrase is something like this: . In some instances our Clients will report “We know all except this part; can you help fill in?” We can take on all, or much of, or only part of the advocacy and care coordination needed. We see your Big Picture. We can provide the coaching and guidance needed to get you through challenges.

Please know that you are in the driver’s seat, always. Our job is to assess, offer, educate, coach, and guide. You will know what we are doing (as we will be working the Plan we build together). We bring ideas and education. We will provoke thought, suggest and advise. We are your objective third party, and one who can help avoid pitfalls. With that you may make informed decisions.

For all the “How do we – who do we – what do we’s”  and all the why’s and where’s along  your way NAVIGATE NC is the perfect solution.

From “Just this part” to “What’s this?” to “How do I begin-“ and “What’s next?” , we have you covered.

It’s like having an Advocate in your back pocket!

919.628.4428 Call or email today,

Important To Remember: A down payment is required for us to begin work, in most cases an amount representing four to six hour’s work depending upon case complexity. We will discuss that during your Complimentary Consultation.