How We Work

Assessment and Plan Only

A service involving four to five total hours this service provides comprehensive assessment and summary of status (medical, physical, psychological, mental, nutritional, cognitive, social, economic, and environmental) and results in a written Plan.  Read More

Benchmark Service   Entryway into services

The Benchark serves as the“launch pad” for nearly all services, and results in Functional Assessment and case direction. With an investment of approximately two hours’ time, a consultation is performed in person, wherever is appropriate, and is supplemented by conversations with pertinent family or providers via use of technology. A starting point is thus created, and all parties become clear on the next steps.  Read More

Continuing Care Management   “Most Popular”

Benchmark Service + Ongoing Care Management – Overall care coordination: facilitate conversations, assemble the Team, develop the Plan and implement. Guide, or steer through conferencing, coaching and education. Attend meetings with or on behalf of client and family including Plan of Care meetings. Accompaniment to Medical/Legal/Financial appointments. Continual communication with providers and family. Serve as local “eyes and ears”, and boots on the ground. Requisite: Benchmark Services (above).  Read More

After Hours Response

Services rendered during Off-Hours (evenings and weekends) when available to include unplanned action in response to acute situations and billed at a higher rate of 1.5. Available to active clients only. Requisite: Benchmark Service (above). Read More

Research and Referral Only

Deeper research producing summary report. Examples of “R&R” may be housing comparisons, products or equipment (medical, and for the home), locating and vetting providers (legal, medical, financial, home health, senior movers, etc.), payor resources, clinical trials, medical tourism, and more). Let us know what you need.  No requisite, simply research. Read More

EmergeNC Contact   New! 

Ongoing and continuous relationship that includes one quarterly visit to update status and “triage”, telephonic response to emergencies. NAVIGATE NC will serve as Primary Emergency Contact for a client, serving as point persons to “triage” urgent matters and communicate with the appropriate parties (family, Primary Physician, Power of Attorney or Healthcare Agent) and to plan response. Requisite: Benchmark Service (above). May enter Continuing Care Management or After Hours Response services through this service.  Read More

Medical Billing – Disputes & Appeals 

NAVIGATE the maze of medical billing errors and denied insurance claims. We take care of the paperwork, make the calls, and reach decision-makers to resolve your issues and concerns. Special pricing applies.  Read More

AfterCare Services   New!

Supportive services to include assisting with funeral arrangements, wrapping up insurance (LTCI and other policies) and subscriptions, real estate and basic banking matters, creditor notification, additional Legal/Financial referral, handling digital assets, access to grief counseling, and more. Requisite: At this time AfterCare is offered as an extension of Continuing Care Management services.  Read More

Important! A down payment is required for us to begin work, usually, an amount to represent between two and four hour’s work depending upon case complexity. For those also enrolling in EmergeNC Contact, the fee for the first quarter is also assessed at this time.

Caregiver Coaching and Counseling

Consultation with Nancy Ruffner for family members and loved ones relative to their caregiving challenges. Limited availability Read More