Procrastinate – A Lawyer’s Analysis

Procrastin-ATE (it seems we all do). An attorney shares his thoughts this week as our guest blogger:

NickVernaPROCRASTIN-ATE: A Lawyer’s Analysis

by Nicholas M. Verna, Esq. La Mantia, Marsilio & Verna, PLLC

Go to any law school around Thanksgiving and you will find the definition of procrastination: 100 law students starting work on a paper that is due the next week in which they were assigned the first day of class in August. So our profession knows exactly what it means to put off work or procrastinate.

Now when I look back on my 99 classmates, most, if not all, are in a job or practice area different than estate planning like I am.

What does that mean about us? Simply we have different types of clients. A criminal attorney has a client whose work is reactive: you got caught speeding and you want the ticket lowered so it doesn’t affect your insurance. A family attorney has a client whose work is reactive: we can’t live together anymore and need to get a divorce and divide our property. An estate planning attorney ideally has clients who act proactively: we would like to plan for the event that we can’t care for our minor children or we would like to plan for the distribution of our assets.  The opposite of procrastination.

What does this mean for you? I often get asked how I can convince someone that they need to do planning. The simple answer is: I can’t. I can show people the cost-benefits from estate planning versus leaving it up to the whims of the clerk and your family, I show people horrible examples of bad planning gone wrong, and I give people personal examples, but they will still put it off.


Someone can watch their parent sign a will, know they need one, have a heart attack, and still not sign a will (real-life anecdote). Thinking about and planning for one’s death can be one of the hardest things a person does and some people can’t fathom the idea. You can lead a horse to water, but it will still die of thirst without a will.

Don’t procrastinate.  Contact an experienced estate planning attorney before executing any legal documents.

NAVIGATE NC can connect you with an experienced attorney in your area. We provide supportive information, facilitate the conversation, help you to take action, -whatever your individualized scenario brings. Let’s think, talk, and let’s DO. Connect With Us to begin with your free initial consultation.

Image courtesy of Nicholas M. Verna, Esq.

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