Here's What Our Clients Are Saying:


“Thank you Nancy and you are truly the BEST at summing up what is important and how to look at all of this practically and knowing the dynamics! You are my Angel. If you need me to ever give a reference or talk with a potential client, I am happy to do!!”

 “I needed help from Nancy, as a 3rd party listener and expert to navigate my father’s desires, listen to his doctors with me and make sure that I stay focused on his health and finances in the best way possible. This is at a difficult time and many decisions happen fast and I wanted to make sure I did them well. Nancy is a calming and caring person that makes a huge difference in doing what is right. She knows everyone and has seen it all to know what to focus on that’s important so it doesn’t drain the caregiver in an already stressful situation. Nancy is worth the investment because she ended up saving money recognizing that some expenses were not appropriate. I would highly recommend Nancy for efficiency and to have peace of mind to know that what you are doing for your loved one is the best in a tough situation.”

-Ashley, daughter/guardian

“I think the biggest realization to me was that as I said “I thought I had everything under control and I really did not” it took your calm, enquiring way to finish what I was trying to achieve and to let me know that it was ok to question my mother’s treatment, medicines and equipment needed for her care. Just to know you were there on our side and to let me have time to spend with Mom showing her I cared meant so much to me.”

-Linda T.

“I want to thank you for all your help and kindness. We can be very difficult (collectively) when mom is crying and we all get hyper focused trying to resolve the problem. It was so nice to have you and your group there to answer our questions and concerns since we really didn’t want to have to face this type of decision. It’s an awful situation for anyone, but to know that there are folks like you that help families get through all the muck.

I have given your name to several people that I work with that are going through the same thing, and were not aware of this service. I would really appreciate you using anything you need from me if it will help others through this. Again, thank you for all your support and professionalism.”


“Have the conversation,” Nancy said. So I had the conversation with my parents, and I’m glad for it! I can’t speak highly enough of Nancy Ruffner. What a delight to meet her by chance! Nancy is clearly devoted to her career at Navigate NC as an advocate for the aging population, as well as the individual clients she serves. She has the connections and network to put together a complete, comprehensive care plan, or just a phone number, if that’s what is needed.

And, as if that weren’t enough, Nancy is also an engaging, entertaining speaker who breathes life and laughter into the room, making children of aging parents confident and courageous enough to “Have the Conversation.”

-Melanie Diehl

“Thank you for all your assistance, and working through the drama from the start!

Ya’ll have been most helpful!”


Professional Partners

“Thank you so much for spending time with us yesterday. You are one of the most creative professionals we partner with and you and the client you connected with us taught us a great deal.  You help us get better and better at what we do!”

-PK, Assisted Living Community Partner

“I am sitting here trying to imagine the feeling of moving from a hospital to a rehab facility – dealing with a serious illness or injury, distant relatives, changing life circumstances and having diminished capacity for coping.  How comforting your presence must be!  A familiar face to someone moving from one strange alien environment to another, a caring touch, and informed voice – priceless.  Thank you for all you do.”

– Attorney Dee Wallis

“Thank you for having the conversation with him [my client] that I did not know how to have.”

 -Aimee H. ,  Paralegal

“Thank you for the update and attention, sounds like Amanda continues to be in good hands.”

John G. (Financial Planner and Durable POA, located out of state. Names changed.)

“Nancy tags herself as an adopted family member and helps seniors go through their challenges when their families live far away or just need some assistance with the serious matters of elder care. She does everything from helping arrange a move to assisting in legal affairs. She is a wonderful, trust worthy lady with a special charm.”

-Ingrid B.

“Your presentation was terrific – you are really great at engaging the audience and you certainly got through to me. Really helpful and important information as well – thank you!”


“Navigate NC provides an invaluable service for when you are in transition and need to find resources to assist you in caring for your elderly loved ones. The need for these services frequently comes with many emotions & many questions. It can be extremely difficult & confusing to Navigate, not to mention time consuming! Nancy is a service oriented person who can guide you with expertise, professionalism & compassion.”

-Toni D.

“Our law firm refers clients to NAVIGATE NC with great confidence in the successful planning and management of care services. While we as attorneys provide legal guidance, Nancy and her team work seamlessly with our firm to improve the care of the client.  NAVIGATE NC provides care planning and oversight of implementation.  They handle a range of situations, from the simple to more complex. They keep us updated as the case develops so that we can step in with our services as the need arises.  It is reassuring to know they will continue to provide the advocacy and overall care management that our clients and families need, along with counseling and referral to vetted resources.  This teamwork is an important service to our clients.”

Attorney Dee Wallis

“It was a pleasure to have you meet with our PD group. I have had several folks comment on what a great topic and the great work you do as an advocate for those with chronic illnesses.”


Family & Adult Children

“Thank you for your help in a difficult time. It was a little overwhelming when my mother’s problems started. I would like to thank you for letting us know you were there to help and we were not all alone in a new world of elder care.”


“Nancy and her team at Navigate NC helped us at a difficult time. She provided support and good information to move us forward during a tough time for our family.”   

-Scott and Barbara

My mom is settled into (XYZ community) and for the first time in 4 years she is content and I feel like she is being taken care of properly. I have a sensation of absolute relief from not having to traverse this rocky, curvy, poorly-labeled road alone. Thank you for your help.”   

– L. McKenzie

“I don’t know that I’ve properly thanked you for all of your help and support. We truly could not have gotten through this without you and Navigate NC. You truly do the Lord’s work — it’s not easy, but it is so important. Thank you so much.”   

-Katherine D.

“Nancy’s knowledge of services available to seniors in NC was beyond my imagination. She has an extensive network of Attorneys, Financial Planners and a wide knowledge base of additional services.

Her attention to detail is impressive and her powers of observation are astute. She opened our eyes and helped us avoid many problems. Nancy had been to all the facilities and her information was current. Nancy interacts so well with seniors. 

We felt the services saved us money. She helped my husband and me to plan what we would need to do to move his parents and what they would need. 

As things change with our loved ones we will continue to call NAVIGATE NC to ensure that our planning and readiness is the best it can be.”

-Lyn C.

“You inspired me to contact the Independent Living facility in Dallas to get names of local personal caretakers who can help my mom with the little things that she needs help with.  I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted.” 

-Patty M.

“Thanks for your time yesterday. I have a good feeling about you working with my Dad. It’s clear you have some experience with this and can articulate your process. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

-Jim I.

“It was certainly my pleasure to have you take the time to “educate” people from our parish on caregiving, legal and financial matters.  I have had so many people come up to me and say thanks for doing this.  AND some that say they heard about it and should have attended.Many blessings for all your hard work.  You made some people very happy.”

-Carol G.