Introducing Katy – Member of the Sandwich Generation

Introducing Katy – Member of the Sandwich Generation

Hi, I’m Katy. Glad you found me. Have you ever heard the term “sandwich generation”?  Well, I’m a charter member! I balance my own family and look out after my parents, too. I am sandwiched alright!

My own family? Well, let’s just say it’s a full life (and schedule). I am glad to be able to help care for my parents…to pay them back for all the years they took care of me! (And I hope my kids are payin’ attention, LOL).

Sometimes it’s not easy. We almost always have stress, but we have fun and love, too.  It helps me to talk (or write) about it, and I hope it will be helpful for others to read about it too. Being a member of the sandwich generation is tough, but I love taking care of my elderly parents.

I hope you will come with me (sometimes reminiscing, sometimes ranting, but always glad to see you).

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