REFORMULATE: Seniors Using Technology

Of all the -ATE words that (now so easily) surface I believe REFORMULATE defines my thought process. Are you finding that with age you must rethink your position on just about everything?

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Take the notion of accepting technology into our lives, for example. I have come from a time when in January the only change we worried about was recording the correct year on our personal checks. Oh, how we would screw that up for days, even weeks. There was universally accepted lament as we corrected our all too common error as others waited (initial & date that change, please).

This post is about robots and seniors, below. But first indulge me/join me in a few words about my Boomer technology timeline.

You see I began with Sci Fi. Black & White TV. Good v. Evil. Scary. Ominous. From there I went

To embracing the concept (I just loved The Jetsons. We wanted a Rosie in our house),

To accepting it (yes, I fed key punch cards into a computer as big as my living room. The cards really did say not to fold, spindle or mutilate them, as the joke later became),

To expecting it (Flip the switch and the light comes on, ‘natch. Aren’t we secretly delighted when a sensor completes the action as we approach?).

To dealing with it (this is THE longest traffic signal in this city, I tell you),

To learning it (Ok, I began on a manual typewriter, followed by on-the-job training with keyboarding, to formal education),

To bragging about my latest (Check out my new phone),

To resenting it (-Four remotes and I cannot operate my television/home theater/DVR),

To paying for it (“ACME Cable‘s latest request for a rate increase was approved today…”),

To needing it (family member on oxygen, electric heat pumps cool and warm the home),

Back to accepting it (“At the tone, enter your account number or say ‘I don’t know it’ “ ),

And again embracing . Could this tool enhance my life?

I was reading a blip about robots and seniors. Beta testing is underway allowing seniors to use robots as a vehicle to go out and experience life. As directed by the senior, these robots are designed to socialize with other people, something that could go by the wayside if we become physically unable to do so. Seniors powering this set of eyes and ears (being Eyes & Ears are something we know a thing or two about here at NAVIGATE NC  venture out into public places and interact with others. Seeing, socializing. ‘Bots could thereby enable the user to “experience” an outing, whether it is a trip to the park, the theater, a ride through the country – whatever. Isolation issue solved, the article read.

It’s a lot to contemplate (ooh, another -ATE word for later). The article also raised the valid question: would the ordinary folks in public would be willing to interact with robots? Will we accept them as the tool they are intended to be? We would have to disengage from our earbuds and phones, or come out of our chats and forums after all…long enough to exchange pleasantries face to face with a complete stranger, be it robot or human?). Dare we imagine meaningful interaction or dialogue, or are we as a society beyond that?

Nowadays I perform a fair amount of reading about assistive devices and technology that will enhance my life and those of my clients (enable encompass enslave enlighten encourage endear en -whups, I may have discovered another blog gimmick)

Studying advances in technology forces me to take another look, or in some instances the very first look. With that I find myself eating a fair amount of my own words or tearing down the walls of former opinion. The norm is changing. I am changing.

I wonder if my rumination (you don’t think the rumin-ate got by me, do you) is coming with age, acceptance or savvy? Need or wisdom? Change or be changed?

I hope I am changing with the times, just not always sure how or why. ‘You?

NAVIGATE NC helps seniors and their families take a look at, or rethink a situation, whether home or healthcare needs. If you and your family could benefit from a little “purposeful REFORMULATION” we are happy to help. Research uncovers information. Discussion monitors reason and provides options. Conversations determine fit. Simply Connect With Us or call (919) 628-4428 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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