A Caring Senior Service: INDIVIDUATE

This week’s –ATE verb is INDIVIDU-ATE.

Why do folks choose one agency over another? How do they find the best senior care agency in Raleigh-Durham? What sets one apart? Recently we queried a number of Adult Children who were looking for help caring for aging parents.


senior care, raleigh-durham, n.c.They were all Adult Children looking for a caring senior service. While each sought a provider or a service (the “What”), an overwhelming number hoped to speak to someone with whom they could truly connect. In addition they wanted someone who would effectively connect with their loved one. They were really looking for the “How”.

Here are the questions posed. Their answers are telling, indeed.

  • What are (were) you looking for?
  • What will make (made) the difference to you?
  • How will (did) you know when you found the right one?


“I wanted somebody to tell me how all this going to play out. While I knew intellectually that it was an impossible question, I had to ask it. I know now that I was trying to gauge the person I was going to trust with my Dad.”

“ …someone who knows the area and the resources since I live out of state.”

“If they have some sort of local presence I will feel better. I search online for everything I can find about a company”.

“Yes, knowing the local lay of the land was basic, but more than that did they know the resources…the facilities…had they been there… did they know the reputation and the people? Was their view good enough to suggest where my relative would best fit and adjust?” Are they the best senior care agency in Raleigh-Durham?

senior home care, raleigh-durham, n.c.“I am protective as to who I will let around my mother. I was hoping to find someone with a heart and “hackles”, and to my amazement you used that very term when we first spoke. That got my attention. Now, I believed you could help caring for my aging parents specifically, my mother.”


“I wanted to know that if I didn’t know…then they would.”

“In my online research I look for credentials and insurance, but I want to see involvement in the community, too. I guess it is a search for responsibility, accountability, and kind of a mission for a greater good if that makes any sense. I found the organization Alliance of Professional Healthcare Advocates , and I recognized a news article from my parent’s city. I read that, went straight to your website and contacted you.” I need to know where others in Raleigh-Durham go when looking for a caring senior service.

“Tell me I am on the right track. Validate my feelings, and acknowledge that I already know a thing or two. I want someone who hears me.”

“Depth. Tell me what I need now, but tell me there’s more information if I need it.

“Do you know the way to talk to me AND a way to make my Dad understand?”

“We’d been through this before and I had information. I was tired, distracted by work and family, and we would need to cut to the chase, expedite. I needed stuff done.”

“I need an agency that will roll up their sleeves, I need a go-getter. We need help and we need it now.”

“Things usually go well now with my folks with only a little extra help. I need someone to look in on them when I am traveling, or to tell me when things change.”

“We need somebody clinical but also part interpreter…who knows when not to forge ahead to the next subject until I am ready, and is OK with me asking questions.”

“Help me to know how to get Dad on board, how we can all work together. The family agrees something needs to be done, but where do we begin?”


Locating the “What” is important when the need is at hand. Being mindful (mind-FULL) of the “How” helps us at NAVIGATE NC to do our best, every day.

Since you are here you may already be in your search. We would be honored to have a conversation with you.  Navigate NC is passionate about caring for your aging parents. When you need the best senior care agency or you are looking for a caring senior service in Raleigh-Durham, Navigate NC is the choice that gives you assurance.

navigate-nc-senior-care-advocateWritten on our whiteboard right now… “I pray that I may have courage to help bring about what the weary world needs but does not know how to get”. If you need help caring for your aging parents, feel free to call 919-628-4428 or Connect With Us to schedule a free consultation.

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