Advocacy and Caregiving Begins With Education and Guidance

Advocacy and Caregiving Begins With Education and Guidance

We’re changing our ways.

We realize that we need to do more, to reach more people and help them. This will never change.

What’s changing is our service delivery model.

It’s in response to what our Clients are presenting and the kind of help they need most.

We’ve noticed a significant and sustained uptick in the number of calls from persons seek help. Also changing is the KIND of help they seek. Caregivers are seeking guidance as to how to care and support their loved one. Now. Or best, or fully, or across the miles.

All want information. They want support and guidance, and to know how things work. They need the lay of the land, and they need it from someone who knows and will shoot them straight.

Some want information so as to plan. Some to respond, however many needed it yesterday.

With this, we’ve refashioned the way that we will serve so we can do more and extend our reach.

We are moving toward a more Consultancy-based Service and I’d like to tell you what that is and how it will benefit everyone involved.

We’re expanding our telephonic and video-based services to enable more education and coaching for you. More folks served, with efficiency, and with solid information. Expediently. Accessibly.

We’ll have more time to coach, troubleshoot, suggest, guide, share lay-of-land, how a process works and what to expect. Boom.

Our combined decades of experience in the industry and in NC will help you gain an understanding and clarity about what’s going on and the work at hand. The right moves. All the: How-do-I, Who-do-you, Where-do-we”, and all your other questions answered. After all, the name’s NAVIGATE NC.

Whether you yourself may live locally or contacting us from out of town/out of state we can help you understand and get it done.

A few great reasons to contact NAVIGATE NC:

Clients, you will have always our full attention and allegiance. (We don’t sign contracts or accept referral fees, you know…we work for you). It’s called The Allegiance Factor, a term I’ve written about before in Resources For Seniors: Connecting with People Who Need Us. It means we work in direct service to Clients and their families. Not for hospitals, not for Insurance – for YOU.

Referring attorneys and other professionals you’ll have the same responsive communication and collaboration. We can’t wait to work with you again, in concert and in service, thereby covering all pieces of the caregiving pie.

Caregivers, loved ones, families natural and chosen we can ease things for you. We promise.

Yes, we will still offer our Complimentary Consultations, those 20-minute telephonic consults (after which nearly everyone tells us they already feel better). Let’s talk, let’s “FAQ and Q&A”.

Yes, we can still be available locally for In-Person meetings at case launch. We can still accompany to local medical appointments. We can prep you, guide you, and work on your behalf if you are out of town. Conference us in on meetings as you wish.

Yes, we still prefer to “front load” the work for a better outcome, and when things are humming along then conferencing can often do the trick. Let’s right the ship and sail on to smoother waters.

Yes, we cantriage” your acute matter. For example, we can obtain, provide, or teach you how to get information from the Emergency Department, Charge Nurse, or Case Manager. Want some words or How To’s?

Yes, we are responsive to needs between any consulting conferences. We work for you, and we’re here for you. (There’s a difference, you’ll realize it).

Yes, we will remain ever-responsive whether a Client, to an Inquiry or a Referral (we’re sort of famous for our response time). Folks have shared with us their absolute pleasure or relief, and a few have even shared their surprise (what’s that all about, do others not call back?? We surely will). We’ve always been very proud of this.

Yes, attorneys and others who may refer, you may call us to discuss a matter. We can likely assist, however, if we are not the absolute best persons for the job it is our duty to help you further your inquiry. We’ll help get you to where you need to be.

A few great reasons to contact NAVIGATE NC:

  • Need lay-of-land and How It Works-information, now?
  • Are you local, or out of town, out of state and your matter is here?
  • Need resources, need to talk and plan? Need a new doctor, provider, whatever?
  • Need Triage now, for your acute matter and to understand protocols and Next Steps?
  • Want to understand housing: levels, costs, entrance fees, right fit, and their track record?
  • Would you like to know how to be a more effective long-distance caregiver?
  • Do you need “An Explainer” or a “Professional Relative”? We’ve been called both. J
  • Are you a busy professional or member of Sandwich Generation, juggling work and home life?
  • Would fast Research & Referral help you to make good decisions?

We can save you time and money because we do this all day every day, and we are good at it.

It’s like having a Patient Advocate in your back pocket.

Our Information, Education and Outreach have also expanded.

We’ve expanded even more through teaching and public speaking. For those of you who aren’t aware Nancy Ruffner has become a The Care Partner Project Educator and provides a stunning presentation on how to keep your loved ones safe and sound in the hospital.

Nancy is a recent Adjunct Instructor at Duke OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) and this fall will be a part of NC State’s OLLI program. Her course ‘A Consumer’s Guide to Healthcare Advocacy’ is in development to become an online course offering along with other Patient Safety educational projects. Again our idea is do more, reach more, and go farther for the folks who need information.

Along with Patient Safety and education, many know that Nancy’s personal focus remains among the fast-growing demographic within our aging population: those known as “Elder Orphans”, “Solo Seniors” or simply “Solos”. She is out to define, disrupt and develop the awareness of and services to this group. (Google “Elder Orphans”, y’all. It’s a thing. In fact, it’s gonna be a BIG thing).

We’re changing our ways. Demand is driving it. All smiles here.

Want guidance, coaching, the lay-of-land here in NC? Have questions about how things work or how to proceed? CONNECT WITH US at or call us at 919.628.4428 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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