We know that many families need immediate help when locating elder care services. We are glad you are here. NAVIGATE NC stands ready to create a customized and highly flexible plan for every senior served.

Navigate Us!

Free Consultation – We offer a free 20 minute consultation by phone. During that time we will likely know how NAVIGATE NC can assist. We encourage you to contact us by calling (919) 628-4428, complete the CONNECT WITH US form,  or simply email us at info@navigatenc.com.

As we begin – You may choose from several options and combinations, the

     Initial Comprehensive Assessment

     Assessment and Plan

     Consultation or

     Hourly Services

We will of course fully explain your options so you may choose what is right for your situation.

Initial Comprehensive Assessment –  designed for  families who simply need to know where they stand, how things really are. It involves full consultation with any parties involved to render a full summary report of status, case standing, a “snapshot of the matter at hand” if you will. The summary report encompasses the complete view including medical, pyscho-social, housing, legal and financial status, other influences and case considerations. An Initial Comprehensive Assessment can be purchased as a stand-alone product and carries with it a one-time fee.

Assessment with Plan also provides the road map, a sense of direction and actionable steps. The Assessment and Plan serves as both valuable benchmark (here’s what we have, here is where we started) and solid planning (here is where we are heading and how we will get there). It’s the springing point, taking clients and their families from benchmark into the “Long View” planning for step-by-step action utilizing our experience and providing guidance. Contingency planning also occurs here.

The Assessment and Plan carries a one-time fee, and to that NAVIGATE NC will offer TWO FREE HOURS of service delivery when you elect to to continue services by choosing another option: Continued Services, below.

Hourly Services

Consultation – You may engage us at an hourly rate for consultation regarding your situation. This popular option is available within an ongoing case, or in many instances is used to extend the Free Initial Consultation to fully discuss what may be needed to assist you or your loved one.

Continued Services – as the name suggests these services occur beyond the Assessment, Assessment and Plan or follow a Consultation. Many times we enter a case directly into Continued Services. This occurs during times of acute need, or when the information usually compiled during Assessment is current and provided to us then we may proceed immediately in serving you and your loved one.

Emergency and Off-Hours Services – as the name suggests these services are delivered during an acute situation, with short notice or during non-business hours. If we have availability to solidly staff your immediate need ever effort will be made to assist. If not, you can bet we have the integrity and relationships to refer you to other options.

Sounds great, what’s next?

Signatures will be required by the authorized party on an Agreement For Services and HIPAA Consent for Release of Information so that we may obtain information and work on behalf of the Client and family. We may collect insurance and income information or a current list of medications, etc. at this time.

NAVIGATE NC requires a deposit to begin work, typically the cost of the service you elect or an hours-estimate depending upon the complexity of the case. Payment may be made via credit card using our website which will deliver you securely to Paypal (a Paypal account is not required to pay for services). After that we will invoice monthly, crediting your deposit first and providing you with service dates and activity notes. Insurance companies typically do not reimburse for private advocacy services.

NAVIGATE NC will be happy to discuss retainer arrangements
which will likely include a discounted hourly rate.

We are flexible to meet with Clients (and/or family) in the residence, community, or at the hospital. When family members live outside of the Triangle NC area(Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill NC) they may contribute to Consultation or Assessment via telephone. The best results frequently come from a combination of efforts!

-Yes, of course we are available for questions!

It is important to remember that we are nimble. We will be flexible and working under your authorization. We’ll provide the solutions that fit and release services that are no longer needed. A big part of our job is to call your attention to “where the back door may be open” so we will educate and we will soundboard with you. In and through change, our Advocates are with you, always communicating, adapting and innovating.