Out of the VaultDuring this holiday season, we are returning to the NAVIGATE NC “vault” to share with you our “Best of”, our NAV-Nuggets, gold bars indeed. Great messages remain on point: As you gather with loved ones and family do notice the changes and take action if needed.

November 7, 2013
Holiday gatherings provide an excellent time to notice if our senior family members have changed since a previous visit. Our goal here is to look for clues as to how things are going. It’s RECON (reconnaissance, a military term for gathering information)! It’s about being open to noticing change. Read More


November 8, 2016
This “Out-of-the-vault” holiday post was first published in 2016 and is offered by request. A call came from a daughter in crisis who’d attended our recent presentation.”I returned to your site when the emergencies began with Mom and Dad. I read this post and saw myself. That was ME (in denial) in paragraph three, and ME in crisis in paragraph four! Please tell everyone to read that blog post and talk before the crisis or before the concerns begin to mount.” Read More


December 16, 2014
This blog post first published in 2014. ” ‘Tween Time”, that time between one gathering and the next ushers in a thought-FULL season for caregivers and Advocates alike. Here are some of the typical concerns folks share when they call. (We can assist; let’s get started). Read More


December 17, 2015
One of our personal favorites: Mom shares her perspective, and it’s not what you may think. Read More


December 7, 2016
The holidays may bring feelings we are not accustomed to, especially if a loved one is no longer with us. This post permissions us acknowledge what is and honor what was, and because of that to practice kindness to those around us.  Read More


November 25, 2014
When is the time to talk? We bet you’ve felt this feeling, and we call it The Tug to Talk. Learn to recognize it and how to begin in this post first published in 2014.  Read More


December 9, 2017
The families have gathered and are now wish to talk about their concerns for changes seen in a loved one. They are asking us how to talk, and how to start a conversation with that person. Choose from these tips first published in 2017. Read More


February 15, 2017
Building on Caregiving Conversations: Tips for Talking we provide even more talking tips: Crafty Lead-ins to difficult conversations. If you need How-To’s then review this post from 2017. Read More


October 7, 2014
We reach back to 2014 now to begin to shift from the “shoulds” and into action-with strategy! Read More


June 24, 2016
We end with a 2016 post about Advocacy, everything from (our most treasured) Kitchen Table Advocacy (where the magic often happens) to Advocacy in its many forms. Read More


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