Maybe it’s something I -ATE

For me, life must always contain a bit of whimsy, something I can pull out on cloudy days or distract me (when I allow) if only for a moment during a dark time. I have found that playing with words serves many purposes. Engaging in play for me means to ponder, escape, engage in mental olympics (I nearly always capture the Gold), pay attention to, acknowledge, disbelieve, mangle its use, copy, or more. This all takes place within confines of my Little World while the Big World churns on. No one is the wiser. Right away I am winning.

When bandying about possibilities for the company name NAVIGATE NC surfaced. With a slogan like LOCATE-ADVOCATE-NAVIGATE who could not notice the -ATE’s ? Front and center (and for me: enter Play).

scrabble-243192_1280It didn’t take long for curiosity to take over. Going to the web to further explore this seemingly new phenomenon (after all, the world would want to know, right?) I discovered that according to there are  some 1632 words ending with -ATE . (You competitive ones may wish to also visit A cursory glance showed many of them to be verbs, and since we love verbs here at NAVIGATE NC – because we are in action – I felt I had to give my discovery a little more due diligence. Well, first I had to come off the fact that it was “my” phenomenon, sigh.

Figuring that at least HALF of those words must surely be positive in flavor I decided to create a theme for a blog using my new friends, the -ATE words. Each post will lead off with an -ATE word (our “Word Of The Week.” Okay, these things require, uh, polishing).

In future blog posts we shall discuss topics of interest to folks whose worlds are touched by advocacy, outlining the serious and perhaps inserting some whimsy. Your participation in the conversation is invited. We will bring in elder care services guests and interview some of The Experts to retain a bit of decorum (we promise). What you do with your own (whimsical) time is your business.

Here’s hoping you will return, subscribe, or bear with me to find out the next -ATE word (this could become the phenomenon…) and review the coming posts. We will endeavor to provoke thought, affirm, express, and when appropriate, offer whimsy.

You know, it could be something you -ATE.

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