Good Gifts For The Elderly

Good Gifts for the Elderly: How NAVIGATE NC Serves Seniors and their Families in NC

Gift Certificates and Home Audits are often a holiday focus for seniors and their families.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

senior care, Raleigh-Durham, N.C.

Now that we’ve explored Gifts for Seniors: our three-part series of Time, Purpose and Service…and we’ve jumpstarted your holiday gift-giving by prompting folks to think about what YOU can do for the seniors you love… Acts of Kindness… Heightened regard… Simple solutions…Maybe a “Teach your children well” opportunity…and

Now that we have begun to hear from our soldier-Adult Children, those who are fanning out to their respective family gatherings to observe, talk, search, find, connect and oh yes, enjoy the first set of holidays…and

Now that we are confirming (or affirming) what our soldiers are asking…their want-need to know (we say “Gnow”, the cross between knowing and that gnawing maybe-I-should-look-into-that feeling)…

It’s time to introduce the solutions. Let’s walk through some services options from NAVIGATE NC. Here is an outline of our services designed to fully encompass what folks are requesting regularly.


The Assessment captures information regarding a person’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social wellbeing, and will address ADL (Activities of Daily Living) and iADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) information. It is a thorough compilation resulting in a written summary upon interview, fact- finding and communication with the senior client and those who directly impact their lifestyle. The Assessment captures the names of any current providers and also compiles a list of current medications. It will serve to make basic suggestions for referral to local resources for support, safety, or to address important matters. Call it a snapshot, or a benchmark, the Assessment can serve as your stand alone evaluation or as a starting point for services.

Assessment with Plan

As an extension of the Assessment, your Plan will provide further and more detailed summary and can serve as a guide toward action and services that may be needed. Together we can custom-tailor our approach, divide the tasks, or NAVIGATE NC can manage the entire Plan. There are many ways to use it. You may purchase the Plan as a service along with the Assessment. Another option is to continue with NAVIGATE NC as manager for your senior’s care. We can provide some of the services within the Plan, perform research and procurement of services needed, or handle it all for you. You are always in the driver’s seat. Note: Because the Assessment and Plan are often the entry into continued services, NAVIGATE NC we will apply the Plan costs ($100.00) to the first five (5) hour block of services purchased.

Home Audit

The Home Audit includes a thorough room by room walk through plus an inspection of the entryways and exits. The Audit results in a completed checklist and written report. Safety is paramount of course, but we will also be focusing on ease of living with an eye toward how well the residence will serve your senior over time.

Any audit must take into consideration the individual’s ability to be independent in their normal daily activities, for example, eating, bathing, dressing, walking, and general activities such as socializing. In addition the home must be safe for everyone- seniors, caregivers and visitors alike.

Every home should have a safety audit performed at least once a year. Regarded as an “annual physical” for the home, an audit will enable everyone to consider potential changes and what may need to be done to maintain or support independence.

Home Audit with Plan

Most seniors indicate a desire to remain in their homes as long as possible. To this end, NAVIGATE can utilize the Home Audit and create a plan that both addresses immediate concerns and points out any changes or modification that might be necessary to age in place. We will go deeper, producing more options for your consideration and for a longer period of time.

Your Audit and Plan are portable in that you may use them for your own information and benefit. However, NAVIGATE NC most often becomes your partner, a manager to research, vet and refer vendors or to oversee repair or changes that your family decides upon. Often we are engaged as an overall care manager for a client’s well-being (health and home). In keeping with our partnership business model NAVIGATE NC will always offer to do “as much or as little” as you decide.

Continuing services

Continuing Services are those services performed and billed on an hourly basis. For projects, or meetings, accompaniment to medical appointments (with written summary), communication and other general tasks fall into this category. So will research and referral, vetting your vendors, performing a detailed inquiry or working on your behalf to solve your issue. Attending a care meeting on your behalf perhaps, or locating and organizing important documents would also fall under Continuing Services.

As for any NAVIGATE NC services we will invoice monthly and bill to the quarter (.25) hour, and will arrive at a rate with you prior to beginning services. We will discuss payment methods and will ensure clarity on your part before we begin, and provide that in writing in the form of a contract with you for our responsibilities.

Emergency Response

Emergency response services are only available to existing NAVIGATE NC clients. In the event of an emergency with your senior loved one we can likely assist. One example of this “after hours” type of service is during a client’s hospitalization when families will request that an Advocate be present during those early morning hours when the physicians makes their hospital rounds. We ask questions, obtain updated information, and report back to you. We have many relationships with agencies that can provide hospital sitters, one of the most important times to have someone watching over your senior’s care. Let us engage them for you.

If you are unable to or delayed in responding as a loved one is being transported to the Emergency Room we will meet them for you or until you can arrive. While we do our best to be available to act on your behalf and do have backup contingencies in place, we do caution there may be a time when we may be unable to meet a request (unable to physically be in two places at once, for instance). If that were to ever occur know that we then will always work to “triage” the situation telephonically for you, and with you. We will always provide procedural instruction, updates and advocate on your loved one’s behalf.

Gift Certificates

caregiving for aging parentsGive the Gift of Care with a gift certificate from NAVIGATE NC. Begin or extend services with the purchase of a Client Assessment. Add to that a Plan. Apply your certificate toward a Home Audit to ensure safety now, or use it toward a Plan to remain in the home. Fund a project, like finding and organizing important papers or compiling medical and emergency information. Use your gift to cover the costs of regular advocacy services, whatever you decide. Simply visit our website, select your certificate and make payment. You will then receive an email with a downloadable certificate that you can print your certificate yourself, right away!

NAVIGATE NC provides advocacy and care management services for seniors in the Triangle area of NC. We especially support the needs of families whose members may reside out of town. Advocates work in direct service to seniors and the people who love them. We don’t work for hospitals, or for insurance. We work for YOU.

Call us to schedule a free consultation or to discuss how we can provide solutions for you and your loved ones. Everything we do is customizable to the needs of a senior and family. Let’s talk about what this will look like for you. (919) 628-4428 or CONNECT WITH US.

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