Elder Care Advocacy: Capturing The Essence In A Logo

Elder Care Advocacy: Capturing The Essence In A Logo

NAVIGATE NC “writes” the ship with Advocacy

As a small business owner I am often asked about my company logo. Folks will comment about the ship, the sporty or nautical influence or will notice where it appears. They ask about how the logo came about or where I got it.  How does it relate to elder care advocacy?

It was not all strategic planning nor was our logo born of dumb luck. I would describe its development as a combination of what I wanted to put forth to the world, plus the absolute talent of a graphic designer who took my spew of phrases and feelings and turned that into a visual. The results have literally been “fitting”.

Trying to get it right I’d begun with cursory reading about what a logo should do for your company, what the consumer should see/feel/equate. The science of it and the enormity of this branding decision began to weigh on me.

The mission of your logo is to portray the values and goals of your company.

What message are you trying to convey? 

Who are you trying to reach?

What do the colors and/or graphics represent? 

I stopped reading and went into whiteboard mode.

Colors: I could begin here. Some were favored, some I would have no part of and some that I felt could be purposely used relative to their perception. I would choose a medium-to-dark blue feeling that it signified authority, trustworthiness and Strength. With that I would add green, a personal favorite. Green to me had always signified “GO!” andgrowing, alive, life. Not olive green (while warm, it seemed too calming), not moss green (kind of drab or bleached-out, it made me think of a victim, passive or just sitting there) and not a spring green (too happy, too new-feeling). No, I clearly preferred a Kelly green to represent peace, growth, and hope. (Okay, I Googled that part, but it also was used to denote “exemplary skill in the biological sciences, cultural studies, and community service”. Hey, that fit. I was sold.).

Overall it seemed fitting to me that Strength could be sent into action by combining it with GO!

Next would be shape and visual representation. I only knew that I wanted something that signaled forward movement and “In Action”. An attempt to utilize a website offering freelance vendors proved unsuccessful in that the vendor could not grasp my idea despite email volleys to countries unknown. My good fortune came when I contacted a family member who is a graphic designer. I spewed my thoughts about action and color and Voila! She brought forth the ship.

Navigate NC ShipPerfect.

That’s when I read: Logos have a personality. 

The little ship was perfect in that it could house the movement, the forward, the Go! It could lean forward, pitch or roll, meet with good weather and with bad. This vessel could react according to what the day would bring. It was associated with strategy and was outfitted with equipment so as to weather a storm, to anticipate, to change course, Ahoy, and sometimes Avast!

Time for some title, tagline and font considerations: To walk our talk the font would need to be reader-friendly and utilize a serif. The “feet” on the serif font make it easier for some folks to read.

NAVIGATE NC (Goudy font.  See the serif, below?).  First tagline: Locate. Advocate. Navigate.

NAVIGATE NC original logo

(the first rendering)

With respect to taglines if the ship was doing its job to transmit all of the above then could new taglines work over time? Would the ship be capable of incubating slogans for NAV from a business standpoint, or carry a nautical twist (or seasonal or socio-economical or political and more)? We thought so. The little fellow was a vessel after all, and vessels carry… By gosh, that is what Advocates do.

We’d nailed it! Now for the checks:

You must understand the audience that you are trying to reach.

The logo must be scalable over time.

It should be able to look good in any size.

We were nearly giddy with the bonus idea and option of using NAVIGATE NC, the ship , or a tagline of our making until we settled on a tagline that worked.

NAVIGATE NC and ship logo

Now on our way, I noticed the final advice given had often been the first advice:

Keep in mind your logo is how consumers will recognize your company.

And they do recognize it. Folks have noticed the ship on my business attire, or pick up on use of a nautical phrase when I speak. Clients, professionals and other business owners laughingly accuse me of “talking (NAVIGATE NC) business again”. I gratefully accept their comment on behalf of the company and the logo’s designer. It is working.

We do understand our clients and their families. The logo is doing its part by being the vessel ready to carry your family as they navigate the challenges that come with aging. We’re strong and we Go! We’re outfitted, we can look ahead, batten down, tack with changing winds, simply float a bit, roll out a map or change course. We can call out (Ahoy!) or we can warn or direct (Avast!).  All of this in naturally a part of elder care advocacy.

NAVIGATE NC will provide safe portage for you and your mates. Our ship does embody Professional Advocacy.

An early ad:

NAVIGATE NC Smooth Sailing ad

Ahoy! If you or your loved ones need help navigating (“navigate!”) the challenges that come with aging then CONNECT WITH US  on our website or call us at (919) 628-4428 to schedule a free initial consultation. Some evening appointments are available to encompass (“compass!”) those in distant ports.

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