A Personal Letter From Nancy to our Clients, Friends and Partners

Hello Everyone,

I’ve held back from issuing a statement about NAVIGATE NC’s response to COVID-19. I’d not wanted to “add to the noise” and now it seems that an update is appropriate. What we’re finding is that though much has changed much remains the same as far as our capabilities to help you or someone you love.

Recent events have placed a whole new spin on our tagline “…helping patients and loved ones to NAVIGATE the challenges that arrive with change”, and are taking our flexibility to a new level. And we like it!

NAVIGATE NC is very much in operation along with the events of the day. Having an Advocate that can operate effectively with a few workarounds is surely worth it.

Those of you who know me know that I am all about the SOLUTION as opposed to a problem. Now seems a particularly good time to employ one of my favorite phrases: let’s “step out of the problem and into the solution”, together.

A lot has changed in both our worlds, yours and mine. But much has remained the same, too.
First, know that I appreciate the honor of your business, now and always.

Naturally, we have seen an uptick in the use of more telephonic consulting and video conferencing. We can connect and communicate with you, and can definitely work on behalf of your loved ones.
Whether you are near or far, available or not, we will manage your loved ones’ care.

You may reach us by phone, text or email – We will still respond quickly (we are known for and very proud of that).

When you cannot be there, or should you reside outside of the area we offer many ways to assist.

  • If your relative or friend lives in a senior community,  rehab or skilled nursing facility that is not allowing or is discouraging visitors then we can keep you informed of status and changes.
  • You see, we communicate with Residence Directors, Nursing staff can attend Plan of Care meetings on your behalf. We are active in discharge planning and moving on to the next step.
  • NAVIGATE NC staff are still interfacing with physicians and therapists, with legal and financial experts as needed (Got one? Need one?). Need to know what to do, or who to call? We can educate you and even refer a sampling of vetted professionals while teaching you how to vet and credential them.).
  • People are still requiring medical care and so patients and families still require information in order to make informed decisions. We can help you get the care you deserve.
  • By verifying our patients’ medical appointments, determining how that practice is able to still see our patient we’re still making it all happen. We have the skills and experience and the working relationships to get to and communicate with the decision-makers.

We can always provide you with information (“What’s this new diagnosis?” “What does all this mean to me and my loved ones?” “I need to know how to search/ deeply research/select/place in a rehab and nursing environment.” “How do I know my options?”. What’s first, where do we begin?”).

As experts, we are continuing to work with the media as they call for commentary or an interview. And you can be certain that we Advocates will call to the fore the concerns of the vulnerable or those without a voice.

We are working with Senior Centers and the other host sites for our public outreach, plus the lifelong learning programs within local universities to arrange for programming to continue, just differently for now. If you are not already signed up for our VIP List to remain abreast of all our outreach and any (now online) events you may do so here.

You see? Like many of you, we are doing the same things, just differently.

Unchanged is the fact that we still know the NC lay-of-land for you during decision time. (Need fast education? Need to connect with a resource? Need to know how stuff works? Stuck in a confusing healthcare system that keeps changing? Call us!).

Unchanged as well is the Complimentary Consultation. It’s a 20-minute telephonic consultation at no cost during which we discuss your inquiry for services. We talk about your concerns, we’ll likely share how we have assisted others in similar circumstances and there is always time for Q&A. Contact us by phone or email to set your consultation for services today.

During this time of confusion and certainly change NAVIGATE NC can – and we will – continue to assist patients and their loved ones to NAVIGATE the challenges that come with change.

CONNECT WITH US or call us at 919.628.4428

I thank you, deeply, for your trust. We value and appreciate the conversations we are having with you during these last few days. You are important to us, and we look forward to working together with you.

Nancy Ruffner



Take good care, everyone.



If we are doing anything new it’s teaching new topics and skills, teaching the accommodation to clients and their families, whether near or far. For example, I assisted a lady to complete her first online (Instacart) order and to receive it safely (We all have to learn workarounds right now, and there’s the first time for everything for all of us -on everything, it seems!).

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