We keep families talking, reduce isolation and provide welcome routine. Many seniors enjoy and look forward to regular conversations with family and friends. We pride ourselves on being in the know. Also important is the fact that in conversation there is an opportunity to “take the temperature”, perhaps offer help and even to accept.

Consider the possibilities:

  • Keeping families connected via telephone, email and Skype or video.
  • Reporting: Family members located across the country can receive summaries of doctor visits (as will the senior).
  • Communicating change – in lifestyle, health, needs, responsibilities and schedules.
  • Leading family conferences. Let’s get all the right parties together, discuss our options and arrive at a plan.
  • Connecting you with medical providers, sending questions and communicating answers (more in Communicating with Physicians).

A word about technology…

It’s difficult enough to communicate across the fence across the state, across the US… As the miles increase so can the technology we employ. With respect to technology we meet folks where they are, at whatever level they may need. NAVIGATE NC can teach, coach, or even procure the tools to ensure everyone keeps in touch.

Maybe you are used to viewing video from the younger members of your family; how about a little something from this end?

  • We can capture special occasions on video, create memoirs and record family history. We range from pragmatic to zany. Our formats can range from low-tech to providing custom heirloom quality DVDs.
  • We may need to show you items in the home that require repair or attention. After repairs or changes we will then share the results.
  • NAVIGATE NC remains current on the technology used for security, and products for patient safety. We can assess the need and bring you solutions. Providing education and options is what we do, all day every day.
  • From the simple tool or device, to an upfit, to complete renovation we have established partners to make that happen.

Results for you? Assurance. Peace of mind. Finger on the pulse. Priceless.