uti-dementia-connectionSenior care must involve communicating with Physicians

This is important. This is where NAVIGATE NC makes a true difference in the lives of seniors and their families. Here’s how:

We establish an open line of communication with that physician, practice manager, nurse practitioner, etc.  Medical practices often appreciate this as do we. In fact, when a physician sees the Advocate they know their patient has chosen to take an active role in his or her own care.

We will ready for a physician visit, plan questions with clients and send them ahead. (Sure, we’ll each have another copy when we are there).

Remember that NAVIGATE NC offers accompaniment to medical appointments where we take notes and provide a summary for the senior and for the family. “What did the doctor say?” You will always know.

Advocates work to ensure that a treatment plan is understood and followed.  We know how to communicate with physicians.

We will help cut through the medical jargon. We educate and provide additional information to help guide seniors and their families.

Advocates will keep open that window of communication before, during, and beyond the appointment. Physicians enjoy that benefit as well. By becoming proactive instead of reactive, we can help prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization.

These services depict the very definition of advocacy: building partnerships to anticipate, encompass, support, educate, speak up for, guide, carry, interpret, press, and follow through. We would be honored to work with your family.