Home Visits and/or Tele-Care are our benchmark elder care services. Regular check-ins can offer a sense of routine, reduce isolation and work in tandem with NAVIGATE NC’s other services.


Here are just a few of the ways we work to anticipate your senior’s needs:
  • Home visits – an Advocate will visit in the home, rehab, facility or hospital (we’re flexible). We visit with purpose. During our consultation we will describe some of the things we can accomplish.
  • Tele-care – while most check-ins will find everything is okay, and the Advocate will bring any concerns for discussion. Regular follow up provides real peace of mind for a senior and family alike.
  • Both Home Visits and Tele-care are flexible in nature. Should there be a rocky period we will look in more often. Your call.
  • When the adult child is traveling and unable to visit or call their senior family member, NAVIGATE NC can fill in. Simply let us know.
  • Remember, as we act as your local eyes & ears (and boots on the ground) an Advocate may notice and apprise of a need. We will simply bring it up for discussion and together we will plan accordingly. Our goal: keeping everyone in the loop.

NAVIGATE NC is focused on creating the scenario that will bring optimal results for Triangle seniors. We will foster communication and provide peace of mind.