Whether the initial conversation, a Home Visit or  a follow up email to family, peace of mind comes from knowing your loved on is alright.  -That somebody is on the case.  And that we are close by even if you cannot be.

We deliver services wherever the client may be: home, hospital, rehab, community. We go with the Client, wherever they are. Adult and and elder care services include regular check-ins, finger-on-the-pulse, hot-on-the-trail solution whenever change and challenge is at hand.

Here are just a few of the ways we work to anticipate your senior’s needs:

  • Free initial tele-Consultation – Did you know the initial conversation is complimentary? Yes, we will set up a time to talk about your concerns and how we might assist. We’ll save some time for Q&A to ensure you feel comfortable in moving forward. Call to schedule – doing so means we can dedicate time and focus on you.
  • Home visits – an Advocate will visit in the home, rehab, facility or hospital (we’re flexible). We visit with purpose. We’re making a plan, with you, and we are working to carry that out.
  • NAVIGATE NC’s services are flexible in nature. We wax and wane right along with you. Should there be a rocky period we will look in more often. Your call.
  • When the adult child is traveling, or unable to visit or attend appointments with aging parents our Professional Advocates can fill in. One Client called us her “Professional Relative”.
  • Remember, as we act as your local eyes & ears (and boots on the ground) our Advocate may notice and apprise you of a need. We will simply bring it up for discussion and together we will plan accordingly. Our goal: keeping everyone in the loop. Making plans together, with solid information.

NAVIGATE NC is focused on creating the scenario that will bring optimal results for Triangle seniors. We will foster communication and provide peace of mind.