Caring for Senior Parents: When is the Right Time to Ask for Help?

Caring for Senior Parents: When is the Right Time to Ask for Help?

When you are caring for senior parents, how do you know the right time to reach out for support?

Our answer: The best time to call is when you call. Earlier is better, but do call, as we can likely assist.

Here’s the dilemma we see time and time again. Folks wait too long to ask for support.

In response we’ll just launch right in here. Rip off the Band-aid.

Do you find yourself somewhere in these statements?

Everything was fine – until it wasn’t. 

This was never a problem – until it was.

I always had a plan – until I didn’t.

I was invincible – until I wasn’t.

Everything was going so well – until it wasn’t.

Mom was independent – until she wasn’t.

I could always make time – until I couldn’t.

I didn’t need to know that stuff – until I did.

There was always enough money – until there wasn’t.

We’d always stuck together – until we didn’t.

I never gave a damn – until I did.

This was never on my radar – until it was.

We always found a way – until we couldn’t.

Our dad was going to “live forever” – until he wasn’t.

I was the one that had all the answers – until I wasn’t.

(I could on with this line of thought forever – except I won’t).

We get it. We really do.

You tried and you’ve handled, you’ve accommodated and incorporated. You’ve innovated and orchestrated and have enjoyed success.

Or perhaps there have not been any upset-the-apple-cart developments among those you love, either your senior parents or among the people who love them.

Maybe you knew a lot and you’ve done a lot, but here is something new that confounds you.

Then there’s physical and emotional exhaustion at times. Or no bankroll. Or unrelenting work demands. Or miles and even states between you and the one(s) needing your care.

Work and Life have a tendency to show up also, and just when you are needed in the Caregiving world. 

Maybe you find yourself in your first foray of Caregiving. (Welcome. It will be okay; we will all help.)

Or maybe you’re simply stuck. Ground to a halt. The ever-capable Jack or Jill of all trades has just been dealt something alien to them. (That’s too is okay, and we will handle it together.)

Don’t know how, don’t feel good, don’t know where to begin, I AM ON EMPTY, don’t ask me, don’t come at me…

None of this is surprising when caring for senior parents. We get it. 

As Professional Advocates, we will meet you wherever you and the various “influences” are intersecting when caring for your senior parents. We refer to that as addressing “whatever IT is, and how it will affect my family.” Or work. Or finances. Anything. Everything.

Talking, taking stock, problem-solving, connecting, referring, advocating, taking on, formulating, coaching, celebrating,  tapping into, pressing, directing, listening, blazing, diffusing, walking with… Professional Advocates can help.

A good way to begin is by simply talking with us. NAVIGATE NC offers a No-Cost, No-Obligation initial consultation. We’ll schedule and dedicate time to you for discussion of your concerns about your senior parents. We will answer your questions, and we’ll share how we have assisted others in similar circumstances.

The best time to call is when you call. Earlier is better, but call.

We’ll meet you right where you are, and go with you.

If you are on the cusp of care needs for your senior parents, NAVIGATE NC can assist. We’ll talk about whatever “IT” is and how it will affect you. CONNECT WITH US  on our website or call (919) 628-4428 to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

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