Caregiving for Seniors? Our Gift Certificates Are Practical & Effective!

Caring for a family member who is aging or dealing with chronic disease just got easier.


caregiving for aging parentsDuring the holiday season conversations begin among the elders, Adult Children and their siblings, and it’s not just about who is hosting or bringing the favorite dessert. As the family gatherings begin we will hear from family members who have noticed some differences in their loved ones. Some only sense change, but react nonetheless.

Folks are calling NAVIGATE NC because they

  • Notice something is different. (Does this mean anything? Is it time to plan, or better yet, act?)
  • Want to know what to look for when they do see their loved ones. (What are the signs?)
  • Thinking about what they might do to help. (I’m out of state, what can I do, or my sister’s better at …)
  • Wonder what exactly they need to gather, like documents and financial information, account numbers and such in advance of family conversation. (We don’t have a clue where to begin.)

It’s simple, really. Honest and true. Folks are looking for solutions as they face caregiving for seniors in their families. Gift Certificates provide solutions.

Here’s what you will find when you access the Gift Certificates section of our website:


caregiving for aging parentscaregiving for aging parents caregiving for aging parents

Here’s what folks are saying about NAVIGATE NC Gift Certificates:

  • “I wanted to give a gift my parent would USE.”
  • This is a gift they may never buy for themselves.”
  • “I wanted to be innovative.”
  • “It’s customizable.”
  • “I’d like to extend current care.”
  • The services effect positive change into our situation.”
  • “It’s personal while not invasive.”
  • “It’s easy…and needed.”

“I wanted to give a gift my parent would USE.” Frances knew her mother would be coming out of rehab to live with her while they sold her mother’s multilevel home. They would also be making caregiving decisions — to move her mother into a single-level condo or into a nearby continuing care community. The need for services, coaching and planning was obvious. The Gift Certificate would simply kick off the next part of the family journey in a very positive manner. It would give them a special budget to use, funds earmarked to use however they decided.

“This is a gift they may never buy for themselves.” Charles opted to introduce planning services to his parents by way of a Gift Certificate. Not only did he not know how to formally approach planning with them, when he had tried he’d encountered some pushback. Each became uncomfortable, and the third party agent would help to approach the subject of caregiving in ways they each found comfortable: as educational, a cost-savings, pragmatic in nature, as a loving gift for the next generations –whatever fit.

“I wanted to be innovative.” “Here is how we get them started!” Joanne declared to her siblings, faced with caregiving for their senior parents. “We will introduce this as the vehicle to begin planning and deepen our conversations about how they want things to play out. This is how we care for our family!”

“It’s customizable.” Jim and Janice could have the immediate caregiving commence now, and any balance could be applied toward other services. They found they could have the conversation (we are all about HAVE THE CONVERSATION, don’t you know) with their folks and their elderly parents could weigh in on priorities and pecking orders to accomplish their goals.

“I’d like to extend current care.” Clarice’s Adult Children and grandchildren live all over the world. Both coasts were represented, and some were serving in the military and stationed overseas. Together they funded a budget for Clarice’s care. Although the entire family rarely convenes, NAVIGATE NC works with a designated member as point person to manage Clarice’s overall care and helped to enable communication methods that span the globe.

The services effect positive change into our situation.” Jane knew her proud mother Grace would not be the kind to simply pick up the phone and initiate action. The Gift Certificate paved the way for both to get over any initial apprehension about beginning care. It wasn’t long before Grace was waiting on the days her caregiver arrived so they could go out, run errands or visit friends. This approach took care of basic caregiving, placed another set of eyes on Jane’s mom, ensured groceries were in, food prepped (= nutrition), and reduced isolation.

“It’s personal while not invasive.” Chuck knew his mom needed more help around the house and with personal care. The “elephant in the room” was how to determine what personal care was needed and how to initiate it. Chuck knew he was not the best person to assist his aging parent with personal needs and he admitted he would not know how to proceed safely. Allowing NAVIGATE NC to assess the needs added another layer of comfort for both mother and son, some clinical distance if you will. “This is a good way to care for my mom and I can help out in other ways” (or simply “be a son” as we so often suggest).

“It’s easy…and needed.” Derrick had already discussed caregiving services with his aging parents when he contacted us. Everyone was on board with the need for a plan. NAVIGATE NC would steer and customize as needs changed. Our services would ebb and flow with the family, and everyone would enjoy some peace of mind knowing they need only get in touch with their Professional Relative.’

Caregiving for Seniors in the Carolinas

Consider the gift of caring this holiday season. It might be to continue, begin, enable, plan but it is definitely a solution. CONNECT WITH US today to schedule a free initial consultation or simply visit our GIFT CERTICATES section of our website

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