Aging Well Series

Aging Well Series

Aging Well Series

Inform Yourself, Begin Discussions, Plan Effectively

Saint Francis of Assisi

11401 Leesville Road, Raleigh, NC

Saturdays 4:00-5:00pm

As we age we face new issues of capacity and energy. We need strategies for independence and self-determination. How can experts help us make the right decisions and find the right resources- advocacy, advice, insights, help for us and far flung family. Join us for this five- part discussion.

February 11

“Acknowledging Issues, and Talking: There is Power in Planning!”

Speaker: Nancy Ruffner, Professional Advocate, NAVIGATE NC

Why and what do we need to plan; how to begin? Nancy will HAVE THE CONVERSATION about planning, housing options and costs, medical & cognitive considerations, and safety. We will talk about finding the resources to ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM.

February 18

“Financial Management: Caring for What You Have”

Speaker: Chris Campbell, Daily Money Manager, Elder Pay of NC

Responsibilities and financial issues can become difficult to manage. You may need strategies for staying on top of things. How do you avoid scams, keep bills paid and stay up with decision-making.

February 25

“Investment and Tax Issues: Protecting What You Have”

Speaker: Herb Wakeford, CPA

In this new phase of life there are new tax issues and financial issues, added to all the old ones that may need to be re-examined. Herb will address how to assemble a team of experts and address the financial and tax questions you face.

March 4

“Preparing for Transitions: Identity, Home and Choices”

Speaker: Jennie Alwood, Senior Move Manager, Here2Home

Who you are is constant, but changing over time. Your home expresses you; how should it change to reflect the current you? How do you modify your home to reflect the new you – simplify, reflect new priorities and energize you for your future?

March 18

“Legal and Planning Issues: When Your Mother Becomes Your Daughter”

Speaker: Dee Wallis, Attorney, Wallis Law Firm

New circumstances require change and adaptation. You and your family need to be prepared, informed and flexible. Enable you to assist your family while respecting wishes. Having a Plan keeps you independent and happy wherever you find yourself.

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