CampaignZeroMany people are surprised to learn that…

Common hazards in hospital care are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

As a Certified Community Educator for CampaignZERO and a Professional Patient Advocate, Nancy Ruffner is passionate about helping others feel prepared, informed and confident in getting safe and sound hospital care.

Through CampaignZERO: Families for Patient Safety ( we are able to offer a one-hour presentation about how to partner with doctors and nurses for a safe and sound hospital stay.

Remarkably, nearly 100% of audience members surveyed said they would recommend it to a friend. We are very proud that, in just one (1) hour, audiences leave with practical knowledge and skills for managing complex hospital care. It’s empowering!

These topics and tips are relevant to people of all ages, especially to adults who care for older parents and seniors who have spouses and friends they may help in a health crisis.

  • What to watch for
  • What to say
  • What to do
  • When to get a nurse
  • The right ways to keep your loved one safe and sound

Preparation = Peace of Mind!


Recent CampaignZERO testimonials: 

“One of the BEST talks ever!!!”

“Critical information for all.”

“As a retired RN, I wish everyone could take part in this program.”

“I will be downloading checklists and making a booklet of information for self and parents!”

“Presenter was knowledgeable, interesting and funny!”

We asked: “For you, what was the most important thing you learned here, today?”

       “I must be a constant advocate for myself and have an advocate.”

       “Be informed- get ready before you need to be.”

       “How important it is to ask questions & keep notes.”

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