legalservices1An important service through NAVIGATE NC involves advocacy during accompaniment at medical appointments. Whenever possible we will gather questions ahead of time and send them  to the physician. During the appointment an Advocate will be taking notes and ensuring all questions are answered. A summary of the appointment is then developed for the senior and can be provided to the family. Everyone will know and understand the treatment plan, and will become certain of any follow up appointments.

Why is Advocacy in senior care so important? Consider a few of the ways we will advocate for your loved one:
  • (Have you ever heard this?): “What did the doctor say?” “He said: I’m fine”. (End fof discussion).“They ran some tests and gave me a prescription”, or

        “I have to go back next month”.  (Does this drive you crazy? Do you need more information?  We can be there, and can help everyone to know what’s going on).

  • Hospitalization – We can help you to make your presence known. We interface with hospital staff who are very aware of which patients have family or “eyes” on them. Would it be helpful to have an Advocate in the senior’s hospital room during the physician’s early morning rounds? We will ask questions, record answers, and update the senior patient and family. We will press on your behalf, asking the right questions, yes, but also questioning the care (“Is this test really necessary?”  “What will/does this tell us?” ” What is recommended, and how will this improve the situation?” And our personal favorite: “And if we do nothing?”
  • Avoidance of Readmission – while this is huge to any patient, it is the focus for physicians and hospitals as well. NAVIGATE NC will help push that Quality envelope by communicating with all the medical providers, and ensuring that treatment plans are understood and later followed. The first days after any discharge are important and discharge planning must be followed.
  • In an emergency our Professional Advocates can provide valuable information to medical personnel from our HIPAA-compliant tools. We can present a current medications list, copies of Advance Directives, medical records and family contact information, already assembled. We’ll will teach you to already have it in the home and in a transport ready-mode if ever the Client requires urgent evaluation and medical treatment. We will work to ensure that every physician is aware of another, and that the pharmacist is on the Team.
  • Planning for discharge or transition? All your loved one should focus on is getting well or getting home! NAVIGATE NC anticipates and coordinates any transition needs from healthcare to housing. Services can always be ramped up and then later relaxed. We help ensure treatment plans are understood and followed, and that next appointments are arranged and kept.

We just had to add:

“If I am not for myself, who is?
And when I am for myself, what am I?
And if not now, when?”       -Hillel