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We Help Families to NAVIGATE the Challenges that Normally Come with Aging & Chronic Conditions

Are you caring for aging parents and looking for elder care options in the Raleigh-Durham NC area? NAVIGATE NC is here to help. We are Professional Health Care Advocates and Case Managers who locate senior resources, and manage housing and healthcare needs. We strengthen communication among Clients and their families who may live elsewhere.

Our senior care services are designed to meet the changing needs of seniors. From our benchmark  services of senior home care visits or Tele-care, we will  build an umbrella of  services that provide custom solutions for your scenario. A very common example is an elderly parent dealing with memory loss.  You will find our services to be flexible. We change with our Clients to accommodate and encompass modifications in lifestyle.  Caring for aging parents is what we have a passion for so our case managers know how to take care of their needs.

We also offer accompaniment to medical appointments, reporting services, and custom research and referral. We have service partners established whose services will fill any bill. Since we have worked professionally in the Triangle area for 30+ years  we can connect you with the local, qualified resources you need.  Our case managers ensure each service provider makes caring for aging parents a priority. NAVIGATE NC will also employ technology to strengthen communication between seniors and families, and to better interface with medical providers.

Most important? It’s flexibility in elder care service delivery, keeping families and physicians on the same page. It is the simple fact that we want to work with you.  Learn more in our How We Work section.  So, if you are dealing with aging parents who are challenged by common ailments such as memory loss in Raleigh-Durham and you want peace of mind, NAVIGATE NC is your trusted solution.

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At the heart of our senior care services are routine, non-medical Senior Home Care Visits and/or Tele-care fashioned to provide check-ins. Visits and Tele-care offer important routine and reduce isolation.  This is extremely important when taking care of elders with memory loss.  During these senior home care visits, we learn of and plan for any upcoming needs.  We innovate, and we will share some fun.  Proactive by design, these services work in tandem with the others.  (Read more)


When information or referral to local resources is needed our case managers are on it! Our Research & Referral service will quickly provide information leading to more qualified options for you. Need to locate a local resource? You will hear us remark “the best decisions are made with the most information”.  Need to know more about a diagnosis or treatment? We make sure you get that information:  another example of how we take care of the elderly.  (Read more)


We will accompany Clients at their medical appointments, take notes, and ensure all questions are answered. A summary of the appointment, treatment plans and follow up appointments is then provided. You will want to obtain more details about this most important Advocate function.  If you are providing care for your loved one, especially from a distance, we understand you worry about their doctor visits.  When you choose NAVIGATE NC and its case managers, you don’t have to.  (Read more)


Our Advocates foster communication among seniors, their families and medical providers by employing technology and facilitating its use. Whether it’s enabling email, Skype, arranging, teaching or planning a technology purchase, keeping everyone on the same page is an integral part of caring for aging parents in Raleigh-Durham and nearby cities in NC. (Read more)